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About between the minutes

The tender touch of warm grains of sand. The hard impact after jumping off a cliff. Between The Minutes transports you to these and other places with its atmospheric sound.

The songs of the band live on an atmospheric, warm soundscape and captivating melodies. Both leave a powerful and resonant sound in the ear. Sometimes timid, sometimes inspiringly dynamic, the songs tell a sensitive and expressive story about letting go, breaking out and arriving in the new unknown. What counts is the moment.


"Watching us from above" is what their song "Fragile" says - and they can do that: observe emotions and make the peculiarities of life audible. The music of Between The Minutes invites you to pause between the minutes and let yourself be enchanted in the moment.

between the minutes:

Sophie Altman (vocals)

Marcel Holick (guitars and bass)

Joshua Makowski (drums)

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